With the demand for video increasing, 2018 will be the year of captivating video content.

Video has proven itself as a valuable medium that promises greater engagement from audiences and 2018 should be no different. But its role in reaching consumers continues to become more prominent with 74 percent of all Internet traffic being video-based in 2016. This is expected to grow to 82% of internet traffic by 2021, according to Cisco’s VNI Report. Here are some trends to consider when planning your 2018 marketing strategy.

2018 Trends
The cost of video production continues to decrease, with marketers now producing video content more easily thanks to emerging technologies.

One of those rising technologies of 2018 will be the advanced targeting capabilities offered by many video platforms, an essential resource for video producers. This will present greater accuracy and the possibility of contextual video placement. These improved targeting options for video marketing content can target a refined audience that generates a greater profit for your ad spending. These enhanced video marketing tools should provide relief to brands still concerned about the costs of video and its outcomes. With greater potential for improving ROI, companies should take action and integrate video into their advertising strategies for 2018.

2018 Trends

Despite its vast growth, the world of video advertising has seen many difficulties in the last few years.

Ad fraud damages the industry and the growing popularity of ad blockers interferes with the viewability of ads amongst consumers. Furthermore, many advertisers are  still doubtful of the viewability standards provided by certain websites and individual platforms.

The growing trend now is to encode ads so that many browsers do not see them as ads. Web browsers will see them as content instead, therefore bypassing the ad blockers consumers may have in place. Even though consumers want more video content, they do not want more ads. Advertisers now have to work to present video ad content in a less intrusive context, while also keeping it relevant. This is where branded video content makes its greatest impact for brands to reach consumers with their message. Companies are investing in more branded content that viewers want to watch and engage with.

Views on sponsored content distributed on Facebook increased 258% since April 2016. These results have been felt in other realms of social media, with the number of uploads for sponsored videos on various platforms increasing every year. The authenticity and effectiveness of branded content is becoming more important to marketers in the world of video advertising and may be the solution to their problems.

2018 Trends
Right now, the typical organization publishes 18 videos per month, on average.

Video content has become an invaluable resource that captures people’s decreasing attention span. The demand for video is growing at an incredible rate. When asked what type of content delivers the best ROI, 52% of marketers cite video because of its high demand. This is due to the fact that 43% of consumers have expressed interest in seeing marketers deliver more video content.

Video has been growing rapidly and continues to make great strides the media and entertainment industries. In order to keep up, video production and marketing agencies will have to understand and implement new features, while continuing to deliver video content at a fast pace. Over 85% of businesses now have their own video production teams set up to deliver high quality content on time. It will be fascinating to see where the creative minds in marketing take video in 2018 with the unprecedented combination of new technology and the rapid consumer acceptance of boundary pushing trends.

Those brands that jump into the future right now are going to have a lot more to offer their customers. With millennials and younger generations consuming more visual content on all devices, video content marketing will prove to be essential for brands in 2018 who are looking to engage their target audience and market themselves.