According to our KnowMore team, many people become real workaholics without realizing it. To know if one is workaholic there are easily recognizable symptoms like working more than others, thinking about working when you are resting and being very perfectionist.

Do you work to live or live to work? For many, this is a hard question to answer. Here’s how you know if you’re a workaholic.

You always think about working. Whether you’re in bed or at the beach, your mind is in the office. Constantly thinking about work causes stress. The solution is knowing how to disconnect.

You work more than everybody else. You’re the first one to arrive and the last one to leave. It might seem like you achieve more like this, but by resting less this habit decreases your productivity.

You value yourself according to your results. When you do an amazing job you feel the best, but after a tough day you beat yourself up. Perfectionism leads to personal and occupational self-loathing. We know your job is important for you, but remember it’s just a portion of your life.