The preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have just started and FYI News definitely expects it will be the most futuristic event yet.

Technology will be hosting the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. An army of robots will be deployed by the Olympics’ villas, hotels, airports, and shopping malls. Additionally, the robots will be in charge of helping those who will work during the olympic games. The robots will serve a multitude of functions like translation services, orientation, and guided tours. Tokyo has also enhanced the use of robot taxis, which are high-tech driverless vehicles. These cars will drive attendees to the daily olympic sporting events. The long awaited flying cars will appear, which might be in charge of lighting up the olympic flame.

The Japanese company “Ale”, hopes to test their micro-satellites during the games as well. These will appear as raining illuminated spheres that would be similar to a meteor shower and act as an alternative to fireworks. These innovations will make the next olympic games look like an event straight from the future.