We are honored to be featured in Peter Csathy’s new book, “Media 2.0 (18): An Insider’s Guide to Today’s Digital Media World & Where It’s Going”. This must-read book is an essential guide for digital media in 2018.

Internationally acclaimed media and technology expert, Peter Csathy, has provided invaluable resources for many prominent brands in the industry and is widely sought after as a resource by the likes of Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Variety, and the BBC just to name a few.

In his new book, Media 2.0 (18), Csathy delves into how technology impacts the media and entertainment industries. Covering various new emerging practices that will define and shape media in the future, this is a must-have resource in order to stay ahead of the curve in the coming year. Csathy also features leading players and innovators and we are privileged to be recognized in this category.

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Csathy writes, “Other intriguing players in this digital-first, mobile-focused video space abound. These include both startups like little known (but deserving to be known) multi-lingual health, wellness, and news-focused ‘Natcom Global’; which produces premium content in Spanish, English, and Portuguese – and still does it all profitably, imagine that?” When speaking on new concrete strategies that brands are making, in the music industry in this case, Natcom was again featured as a resourceful platform. In regards to our partnership with Warner Music Group, Csathy writes, “Warner entered into an innovative new distribution arrangement for its videos in 2017 with ‘under the radar’ mobile-first video producer and distributor Natcom Global. Natcom gives Warner Music a major new platform that it can control and monetize more directly. Warner can incentivize and steer music lovers to watch its videos across Natcom’s global channels by offering exclusive valuable content that is not available anywhere else. In other words, off YouTube rather than on it.”

We are grateful to have been mentioned in this entertaining and engaging guide into the fast-paced, progressing worlds of media and entertainment. We recommend that anyone who is interested in, or works in, the fields of digital media pick up a copy of Media 2.0 (18) as it will prove to be a key resource in the years to come.

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