Robert Rodriguez, CEO

“Bob” is our go to guy.  He is a strategist and what we like to call a “business junkie” (he’s owned his own business since the age of 14).  He looks at things from a unique perspective and can dissect a business in seconds and usually develops an opinion on how to improve it in minutes.

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In late 2014, Natcom Marketing and NPN Media merged operations to become Natcom Global.  Bob is responsible for Natcom’s overall strategic direction including its multi-media platforms that include digital, content creation, distribution, ad sales and global initiatives.

In 2008, Bob and a group of investors acquired NPN, including a stake held by NBC Universal. Prior to NPN Media, Bob co-founded and led Natcom Marketing, a 33-year old full service marketing and communications agency with a roster of clients including Chevron, American Airlines, Burger King, Citibank, U.S. Housing and Urban Development, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services and Department of Treasury, to name a few. In 1995, Natcom produced the award-winning world record promotion, “Around the World in a Day” using an Air France Concorde to break the world aviation speed record which currently still stands.

Bob is the vice chairman of The Miami Symphony Orchestra, and has served as the chairman of the city of Miami’s adhoc budget committee, and also as an executive committee member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce.

Bob received a Master’s degree in ALS from the University of Miami and received his Bachelor’s degree from Barry University. In 2012, Bob was named to Miami Dade College (MDC) Hall of Fame for Marketing. In 1993, Bob was a featured case study at Harvard Business School.



Eddie Sarasola, Co-founder / Managing Director

We like to call Eddie our “man about town and creative guru”.  He knows everyone and is everywhere, some people call him the Mayor.  He likes to forge partnerships and bring people and companies together for the greater good and has done so for many of our clients.

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Eddie was born in Cuba and raised in the Bronx NYC. He brings over three decades of experience in marketing and promotions as co-founder of Natcom. He is the company’s creative guru and is always full of unique, trailblazing, and out-of-the box ideas to get clients the greatest exposure and ROI—no idea is too big to tackle or execute in his book.

Eddie has worked on many significant branding campaigns for corporations, such as Chevron, Coca Cola, Burger King, RJ Reynolds Nabisco, Royal Caribbean, BMW, the US Government, Hilton Hotels, IBM, and many more. He was the mastermind behind “The Coors Beer Sunchaser Around the World Flight” on the Concorde aircraft, an aviation event that broke the Guinness world record and won the 1995 Top Marketing Global Promotion Award.

A Fordham University graduate, Eddie was an All-American squash player and national champion. He is a founding member and sits on the executive board as Treasurer of the Miami Symphony Orchestra and is a co- founder of Hispanic Friends of Israel. His passions include marketing, art, philosophy, history, politics, classical music and, most of all, his daughter, Victoria.


Susan Krivelow, Managing Director of Content

Susan is a digital and broadcast whiz.  She leads our content development and production division.  An industry veteran, she’s seen and done it all and we’re really in awe of her because she seems to have an idea, answer or solution to just about anything.  Originally from Boston, her only flaw to us Floridians seems to be her ardent passion for the Patriots.

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Susan Krivelow brings more than 20 years of experience in major market television news, digital content production, and educational and community programming.  She oversees the production of all Natcom content and manages a growing staff of full-time, part-time and freelance writers, producers, videographers and editors. She is a founding member of  NewsProNet, a division of former NPN Media which merged to become Natcom Global.

From 1994-1997, Susan was News Director at WHDH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts.  Under her direction the 11PM news rose to first place in the ratings for the first time in more than a decade.  She was promoted to the position of News Director after 15 years in the Boston television news market as writer, producer and Executive Producer at WNAC-TV, WBZ-TV, and WHDH-TV, where she won numerous awards.

In 1997, Susan was hired by the Massachusetts Corporation for Educational Telecommunications to co-create and produce original, interactive educational television programming for middle schools students across the country.  The programming included classroom curriculum and an interactive Website for students.  While at MCET, she also worked with the Harvard School of Public Health and the U.S. Justice Department producing national teleconferences and video presentations on Violence Prevention.

Susan has taken on childhood hunger as her cause and volunteers for several local anti-hunger campaigns throughout the year.  She also sits on the board of the Krit Kearins Memorial Scholarship Fund. Susan received her B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Vermont.  She divides her time between Boston and Miami and is the proud mother of four daughters.



Marion Marvil, Managing Director of Marketing / Strategic Development

Marion, our resident “Ivy Leaguer” (graduated from Wharton), is unparalleled at crafting marketing strategy that is custom-tailored to our clients’ needs.  She also dabbles in art design and is a social media whiz.  But what we love most, is her infectious laugh.

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Marion’ s career has spanned over 20 years with experience in financial, consumer products and service-related industries. Early in her career, Marion structured and developed the Hispanic marketing infrastructure for the health and beauty client vertical of Venture Media, a direct-response marketing agency. This included developing and training the staffing, product development, and the execution of Spanish-language marketing campaigns. From there, she co-founded Vision in Planning, a corporate and incentive event planning company with high-profile clients such as SunTrust, Citrix and the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. For Ellis Diversified, Inc., a Florida real estate firm, Marion built and led a cross-functional team of marketing professionals to implement the marketing strategies for all of the company’s real estate developments, its affiliate mortgage company, and its clothing retail venture.

As co-founder of FreshConnect, Marion provided strategic marketing consulting for a variety of clients from the hospitality, fashion, financial services, security services, healthcare, yacht manufacturing, and non-profit industries. Her breadth of experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds, as well as her background in both marketing and finance, enable her to align and maintain a balance between artistic creative development and specific business and financial goals.

Personally, Marion has a passion for helping children in need. She is active with and has served as Past President of Jack & Jill Children’s Center, a center geared at breaking the cycle of poverty for children of low-income, working families.

Giselle updated pic

Giselle Mas, Managing Director of Finance, Legal and Business Affairs

Giselle is responsible for financial documentation, planning and management of Natcom’s operations and business processes. She’s worked in the communications industry her entire career, coordinating the complex details of corporate/financial strategy, client services and business affairs. Giselle is a results-producing professional who loves her job and being a part of projects that help organizations achieve milestones.

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As Managing Director of Finance, Legal and Business Affairs, Giselle is responsible for leading financial planning & analysis, accounting, legal and business affairs operations. Having worked at Natcom for over 14 years, she has held leadership roles across project services, finance/accounting, business development, marketing, and general management functions. She’s worked on the development of Natcom Global’s business models and their paths to profitability.

Giselle is Hispanic and fluent in Spanish. She works closely with new and existing clients including federal, state and local government agencies, private sector corporations, non-profits and international organizations.

Prior to the Managing Director role at Natcom, Giselle was responsible for progressing successful projects for Natcom clients such as the Federal Government, CitiBank, Humana, ABC, RayCom and CBS to name a few.

For Giselle, the key is to focus on developing quality business relationships, along with innovative ideas, quantitative analysis and effective communication.

Giselle earned her M.B.A. from Barry University and has a B.A. in Finance from Florida International University in Miami, FL. When she’s not working, Giselle donates her time to community organizations. Her hobbies include competitive cycling, racquetball, adventure sports and athletic competitions.

Mario Natcom Global

MARIO PASCUAL, Managing Director of International Content and Technology

Mario is a key member of the strategic team in all things production, technology and distribution-related. A Madrid native, he landed in Atlanta to learn English, until Bob wooed him down to Miami with the promise of a new wife. Well, not really, but that’s the way the story gets told. He now speaks perfect English and is happily married with two young boys who he’s training to play “futbol” in the hopes they can one day play for Real Madrid.

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Mario is responsible for the development and execution of our international content including our new product FYINews, projected to launch late this summer in Spanish, Portuguese and English. He also manages the development and implementation of our technology-focused revenue streams, which include our Premium Content Marketplace for publishers and digital outlets. Throughout his 13+ years of experience, he has managed the pre-production, production and post-production departments for several leading multi-platform broadcasting corporations in the US and abroad, working on both the creative and business side. He’s passionate about “futbol” and his hometown team.




Rosa Mosqueira, Knowmore Co-Executive Editor

Rosa is a multimedia specialist with a true passion for journalism. A proud gemini, she reflects her “multiple personalities” by immersing herself into different projects. She is devoted to educating her community on global and local issues. A proud graduate from the Honors College Dual Language Program, she earned a BAS on Film, Television & Digital Media from Miami Dade College. Through her college years, she constantly worked with Miami Dade College’s Media Services department, creating video and graphics for the institution. On May of 2013, she received a scholarship award from the National Academy of Television Science and Arts.


DANIELLE FERNANDEZ, Knowmore Co-Executive Editor, Content

Danielle is a great example of why internships do matter! She was our summer production intern in 2013, who then went on to graduate from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s in Telecommunications/Production in May 2014. Before entering the real world and becoming a member of the Natcom family in April 2015, Danielle travelled through South America and worked as a production coordinator for various music videos in South Florida. In her free time Danielle is either on-line shopping or running.


ERIKA MARCANO, International Senior Digital Producer

We love Erika’s commitment. She is a passionate social and digital journalist. For her, the key is to create, develop and share.

Proud of her professional foundation in Venezuela, where her experience goes from working on the field as a reporter to being in charge of producing a radio show and digital media news, she decided to cross over and explore new opportunities and that’s how she landed in Miami: willing, open-minded and with a great attitude. She is a big believer in teamwork and in her free time you’ll find her doing yoga headstands. Now she is part of our new project, FYI News.

Just give her a cup of coffee and she’ll get it done!

Ricardo Natcom Global


Ricardo is an aspiring filmmaker and trained in Film and Digital Production.  He’s had quite a bit of experience in entertainment and reality TV during his time with MTV Networks, NBC Universal and Telemundo Studios.  He even had the opportunity to work closely with Juanes (sigh) for an MTV Unplugged show.

Danny the man

Daniel Batlle, Creative Director

One-of-a-kind as our resident designer, Danny has a unique ability as a creative type to take direction and changes with a smile.  He trained at SCAD and stays at the forefront of design trends and techniques.


Victor Rivas - Senior KnowMore Video Editor/Producer

Victor is a film, soccer and literature junkie with a real passion for storytelling. He is formally trained with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Digital Production and throughout his time in the industry has offered his know-how and talent to companies ranging from network giants like MTV Networks and Telemundo to independent production companies. Besides his work in media, he is a published soccer analyst/connoisseur, as well as a fiction writer. He is also the best merengue dancer in the office!


Dennis Krivelow, HealthDayTV Editor

Dennis is a veteran in the television news business, with more than 25 years of technical experience directing live newscasts, breaking news and special events, including the Boston Marathon. He’s also conceived, directed, and edited a variety of corporate projects for major companies across the country. Beyond his technical expertise, he’s a master in the kitchen and whips up some mean culinary feasts.


Desiree Miller, Assignment Manager / Producer

Desiree is responsible for assigning all of the wonderful videographers and field producers we hire for our news products, including SweepsFeed. She’s just as comfortable working behind or in front of the camera since her background is in news television where she’s worked as an on-air reporter, producer, and ultimately as News Director. Personally, she’s passionate about kids and runs a popular parenting blog, drawing inspiration from experiences with her four kids.


Francisco Suarez, Senior Motion Graphic Editor

Frank has formally trained in Music Education and Motion Graphics, creatively adding his flair to our skilled production team. He loves to play guitar for his family and his deaf rescue dog (though we’re not sure how that works out). A Cuban national, we notice he drinks way too much coffee so you’ll find him fairly animated.


Kerri Winick, Senior SweepsFeed Producer

Kerri is a senior producer for Natcom’s news content service, SweepsFeed. She’s a Special Projects dynamo with newsroom experience in Boston and Washington, DC. She not only hunts for compelling stories, but secures the interviews and produces the news segments. Beyond being a highly skilled journalist, she’s a self-proclaimed beauty product junkie and fashion-obsessed shopping addict.


Sheryl Tepper

Sheryl Tepper Weitman, Managing Director Of Business Development

Always smiling, Sheryl loves making a deal that gives her clients the competitive edge. We are fortunate that her “retirement” in 2015 means she focuses her formidable energy on helping Natcom grow. A diehard Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates fan, she proudly touts an impressive collection of “terrible towels”.

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For nearly 18 years, Sheryl served as an Executive Director for Israel Bonds. After being transferred to Miami in 2008, the sales out of that office more than doubled due to her efforts. Having retired from her position there, she is very excited to embark on her next endeavor and join the Natcom team.

Sheryl is passionate about the State of Israel and has visited eight times. The land brings her years in Sunday school to life. She hopes to help Natcom showcase the many Israeli innovations in health and wellness.

Pursuing that passion, Sheryl is a life member of Hadassah and supports its hospitals in Israel. She is also a Vice President of Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center and is active in AIPAC and the Greater Miami Jewish Federation. A founding member of Hispanic Friends of Israel, she is the only non-Hispanic.

As an expert networker, Sheryl loves meeting new people and learning of their accomplishments, both personally and in business. She especially enjoys spending time with those new to their careers and cheering them on to success. She is excited to show friends, old and new, how Natcom can help them grow their business.

Originally from Pittsburgh, she received her B.A. and M.A. from the University of Pittsburgh. Sheryl is married with two children and two grandchildren.



Alvaro Garnica, Managing Director

Alvaro is a film and production giant and leads Natcom’s long form content development and our production operations, including the operational management of our new studio facilities.  In our fast-paced industry, we admire his incredible patience and ability to always keep his cool no matter how much we try to ruffle his feathers.

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Madrid born Alvaro is an accomplished TV executive and producer of original and unique films, TV shows and documentaries.  Alvaro has produced over 18 feature films, helping bring to life such memorable films and TV shows as Un Dia Sin Mexicanos, Al Filo de la Ley and his most beloved creation, La Virgen de la Lujuria.  Beyond his film credits, he has managed all audiovisual demands and production/distribution for various studios and TV channels.

A passion for film led Alvaro to Mexico over twenty years ago, where he produced several films with Televisa Cine, Tutor America, Amaranta, and Filmania, as co-founder and producer.

Later he moved back to the U.S and was in charge of all aspects of business and production for Plural Entertainment, Inc. in Miami, the TV and film production arm of the largest media conglomerate in Spain, Grupo Prisa. He also served as CEO/General Manager of VMe Media Inc. in New York (owner of the Hispanic Channels VME and VME KIDS).

In June 2013, Garnica founded MAOLMA MEDIA CORP, a multidisciplinary production company based in Miami, devoted to developing original productions and production services for TV and film. He also served as CEO of Miami Fashion Week Events and led the production of the 2014 MFW show.

Alvaro is a graduate of Suffolk University in Boston (Economics) and has a Business Degree from the Complutense University in Madrid.



Alfredo Fraile Lameyer, Managing Director

Alfredo has a long and industrious career working with music industry giants and royalty.  We consider him royalty and are privileged to count on his guidance, wisdom and unparalleled contacts as a key member of our leadership team.

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Alfredo, who holds degrees in Industrial Sociology and Human Relations from Madrid University, was exposed to the entertainment world at a young age. His father, also named Alfredo Fraile, was one of Spain’s leading filmmakers; Alfredo worked along with his father, and has wonderful memories of being on the set of such classic films as The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, as well as many others.

One of Alfredo’s greatest feats is that he is credited for personally launching and, for an additional 15 years, managing the career of internationally-renown artist Julio Iglesias.  Together with Julio, Alfredo attained a level of professional success as yet unparalleled in the music industry: from the period 1979-1982 sales of Julio Iglesias’ recordings outperformed those all other artists around the world.

He later joined well-known international media giant, Silvio Berlusconi, helping to organize and develop Mr. Berlusconi’s media investments in Spain, in Tele 5, where his responsibilities included the strategic management of all corresponding group institutional relations.

During the time of Mr. Berlusconi’s first election to the Italian Premiership, Alfredo went on to work in a senior advisory capacity for numerous business and economic development projects, including managing a successful media campaign on behalf of former Premier Adolfo Suarez — which led Alfredo to develop other important international political campaigns — and also the ADO 1992 sporting sponsorship campaign, which brought such successful results and acclaim to the XXV Olympiad held in Barcelona.

From 1991 to 1998, Alfredo went on to work in a senior advisory capacity on behalf of the Moroccan Royal Family and continued developing important television productions in Spain and Latin America (including renown titles such as: “Betty La Fea”, “Machos” and “Latinos”) as well as serving as a principal advisor to Telefónica Media.  In 2006 Alfredo moved to the U.S. to develop Caribevision, Canal Oro, and continues to serve as the advisor of the President of Telefónica.


Rafael J. Diaz-Balart, Managing Director

Politically savvy and well-versed in national and global affairs, Rafael leads our EB-5 unit, managing international opportunities and creating global alliances that stretch from Europe to Latin America.  We like to consider our very debonair Rafael our cultural attaché.

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Prior to leading our international investment initiatives, Rafael served as CEO and Founder of  Vestec International Corporation, an advisory firm for U.S., Latin American and Spanish companies in their international operations, including companies in the maritime, financial, educational and energy sectors.

Rafael also served in executive capacities with IBJ Schroder International Bank, Paine Webber, Barnett Bank and the National Bank of Washington, D.C.  In partnership with the principals of the Brazilian financial group—Banco Paulista/Socopa, Rafael founded InterTrust Bank Limited (Bahamas). He also advised in the creation of The Florida Special Opportunity Fund, an off-shore investment vehicle for U.S. based commercial real estate transactions, administered by The Allen Morris Company.

Rafael holds a BA (Government) degree from Cornell University and an MBA from The American University.

His community involvement is considerable. Presently he is Chairman of the Miami Symphony Orchestra and is an Honorary Board Member of the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Florida Foundation.  Since March 2009, Rafa has been appointed Latin American Coordinator for the American Association of Port Authorities AAPA.  He has been active in international trade and commerce development organizations such as the Jay Malina International Trade Consortium of Miami-Dade County, the International Trade Board of the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County’s Sister Cities Program.  He was also Chairman of the Board of the Miami Bridge Youth and Family Services.



John Cuddihy, Managing Director of Distribution / China Head

We like to refer to John as our “China guy”.  He’s traveled extensively throughout China (and the world really) and heads our China unit along with our international content distribution.  John’s a great conversationalist and will engage you with some interesting stories gathered from his trips around the world.

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John has overall responsibility for worldwide distribution, and oversees the strategic direction for international ventures.

John is a TV industry veteran with extensive experience in international program distribution, brand development, affiliation agreements, and domestic and U.S. Hispanic advertising sales. Over 25 years, John has worked for such companies as Sony, A&E, New World Entertainment, ESPN, Lightworks Program Distribution and Katz Media, among others.

While at Sony Pictures Television International, where he served as Senior Vice President, John managed the Latin American television programming distribution division which had sales exceeding $100 million. He also served as Vice President/Managing Director, International Division for A&E Networks, with responsibility for the creation and development of A&E Television Networks brands worldwide. At A&E, he created joint venture partnerships to develop and manage local versions of The History Channel in Spain, China, Japan, Australia, the Middle East and elsewhere.

John currently serves as a Professor, Adjunct to the Dean, at the University of Miami’s School of Communication and is an avid Hurricanes fan (and a golf enthusiast).


Fabio Porcellini, Managing Director, Europe

Highly polished with a distinctive European flair, it’s no wonder that Fabio is based in Milan, Italy, where he manages Natcom’s European business development initiatives and strategic partnerships.   He brings a wealth of European relationships in high tech sectors.

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Fabio Porcellini has over 20 years of experience in business investment and development strategies. He focuses on business integration in the sector of technologies, primarily supporting the Smart City movement and its connection with the media production and distribution sector.

In addition to his role at Natcom, Fabio is a collaborator in a major Italian company listed on the stock exchange in Milan, which in recent years is specializing in the Smart City/Europe initiative, focused on advancing micro grid supplier capabilities to address the changing energy market. The company originates and brings together the right resources including analysis and design, engineering and financing to ensure project success.

Fabio has vast experience in the renewable electric energy sector, meeting the demands of clients and investors. Fabio is very active in the investment in clean energy sector and has more recently become involved and focused in supporting the improvement of the global electric grid by using modern technology such as smart software, hardware and networks.

Fabio is a Chartered Accountant and Auditor and is a recognized expert in corporate legal issues specializing in assisting corporate and contractual services and consultancy in extraordinary transactions such as mergers, demergers, conversions, acquisitions, deal structures, equity raise, financing and businesses sales. He is a graduate of the University of Bologna in Italy.

Charles Pankey BW

Charles Pankey, SVP Advertising Technologies

Charles has joined our team to spearhead our efforts in Advertising Technology. Charles has been working in Advertising Technology since 2009 starting with display and transitioning to video in 2014. He grew up on the south side of Chicago and attended the University of Denver. He is a skilled business development, ad technology, and finance, specialist with over a dozen years of experience in concert, event, and television production. Charles has experience in corporate and public finance, acquisitions, and negotiating contracts with businesses and public institutions, including Fortune 100 brands, and multi-billion dollar pensions.

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Charles is passionate about live music and on any given weekend in his adopted hometown of Denver (or anyplace else he visits), he can be found checking out the next great garage band in a local dive. He has won a Telly Award for excellence in video production. It was for executive producing a televised charitable benefit concert with the Country Music superstar Kenny Chesney. The event was sponsored by Comcast and Motorola. Charles has successfully produced several hundred stage shows and premier events in the US and South Africa for major corporations and is responsible for producing “The Coors Light Jazz Series” from 1997 to 2000. He has financed major entertainment ventures and was a principal underwriter of Black Entertainment Television (BET) in its debut on the NYSE. He has produced television specials with Def Jam, Sony, and Geffen in venues as diverse as Denver’s Pepsi Center and The Apollo Theater in Harlem NY. One of Charles proudest accomplishments is the fact that his 2 sons and his daughter are university graduates.


Robert Bauer, Senior Manager of Client Services

Bob spent most of his career on the client side and is a veteran of the industry for over forty years. He has a thorough understanding of printing techniques and specialty goods and moonlights for us as an excellent copywriter.


Tania Pavon, Accounting Manager

Tania manages our overall budget and is responsible for our daily accounting and accounts receivables/payables. She’s very efficient in keeping us on track and on budget and manages to keep us all in line with a smile.


Sallie Anne Rodriguez, Client Services / Special Projects

Sallie Anne worked on the “client” side for most of her career but decided to trade in her suits and now alternates between flip flops and stilettos. As a former agency client herself, she has a unique capability of understanding client needs and is very sensitive to timelines and budgets



In over 24 years Rich Santelises has built a stellar reputation as a “go-to guy” in the print marketing, event planning and brand awareness arena. The bulk of Rich’s career was spent at the venerable and widely popular Ocean Drive Magazine where he ascended to become the premier implementer of marketing strategies with many local and multi national businesses . Rich worked with notable wide ranging accounts such as BMW, Bacardi, FedEx, Fiji Water and LVMH, just to name a few.

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Today, Rich continues to advise many media agencies, as well as highly recognizable brands. His extensive knowledge, resources and contacts are constantly in demand. He sums up his strategy in creating vibrant business partnerships with one key approach. “In today’s fast-paced world, it is essential to implement a strong digital platform creating compelling content for the desired demographics. It is a crucial component in delivering substantial, tangible and long term results.”


Tim Labus


Mr. Labus has more than 40 years of progressive marketing communications and advertising development experience. He is a results-focused, highly effective leader with a proven track record for developing the most advantageous strategic program direction for clients.  His work also features identifying and resolving client communication issues and problems, reversing negative awareness and market share trends, controlling costs, and maximizing productivity.

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His skills include hands-on senior client oversight and leadership through tactical business assessments, positioning statement formulation, oral presentations, written technical/cost proposals and contract administration for federal and state governments, trade associations and private sector companies.

Mr. Labus has held senior management positions with Crosby Marketing Communications, Low + Associates, Campbell-Ewald, DDB Needham Worldwide, BBDO New York, as well as President/CEO of his own communications company, Abramson Labus Van De Velde in Washington DC.

Mr. Labus’ client management expertise features 25 years of successful, highly targeted youth branding and recruitment initiates for 16 to 24 year old high school and college students for GEICO Auto Insurance and military recruitment programs for the National Guard Bureau and the United States Navy. In addition to targeting the students, each client required a sophisticated follow up reinforcement communication effort for teachers, guidance counselors, parents and other centers of influence.

Also, his significant work for higher education is highlighted by several national multi-tiered public relations, awareness and sales promotion campaigns for students, teachers and other educators.  This marketing and advertising was for The Department of Education, Federal Student Aid, GEICO’s Sponsored Programs with the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers.

He is past chairman of the United Negro College Fund Sports Gala and Fundraising Program.

His long-term business relationships with several consumer and business-to-business clients include GEICO Auto Insurance, The Society of Plastics Industry, United States Life Insurance, Children’s Miracle Network, and Associated Press Broadcast Services.



Kay works with Natcom on an important advisory role.  She has had a long and storied career in public service, which includes working for President Clinton during his tenure as both Governor and President, as well as serving as a professor of political science, public administration, and emergency management at various points in her life at four of Arkansas’ Universities, as well as other affiliations around the nation, including Istanbul Technical University and Ulster University.

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From time to time, she teaches a so-called hybrid course in Human Considerations in Disasters, part in person and part online, for the University of Nevada at Las Vegas and Metropolitan College of New York. She serves as US President of the International Emergency Management Society and of the Council on Accreditation of Emergency Management Education, as well as Vice President of Every Child Is Ours.

She worked almost 20 years for President Clinton during his tenure as Governor as his Senior Assistant for Intergovernmental Relations and during his tenure as President as his Associate FEMA Director in charge of National Preparedness, Training, and Exercises.

A native of Fayetteville, and a graduate of Springdale High School and of the University of Arkansas, with a BA and MA in Government and Public Administration, as well as doctoral studies in Public Administration at West Virginia University and American History at American University.

Kay has written five books, including most recently a widely recognized biography of the late Congressman Wilbur D. Mills, longtime Chair of the US House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means, MR. CHAIRMAN: THE LIFE AND LEGACY OF WILBUR D. MILLS. Most recently, she won the American Political Items Collectors’ ANNUAL PUBLICATION AWARD.


Lazaro Hernandez, Senior Director

With over twenty years of customer service and managerial experience, “Laz” manages government operations and our Washington, D.C. office. Laz is responsible for securing and managing contracts for Federal business procurements, including an array of management training, team-building and website formulation programs. A former vocalist, songwriter and star athlete, Laz is quite the storyteller and harnesses this art form to help clients tell their story.

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