According to our FYI News team, people consume videos through their smartphone or tablet every day. These new trends are making a great shift in the media industry. Thankfully, Digital Hollywood is here to navigate us through the changes.

57% of people who watch videos globally enjoy it through their smartphones and Digital Hollywood is guiding the industry in this change. Since 1994, they have educated the industry on the next step through their various conferences. Their events gather over 15,000 top executives in the film, TV, music, and communications industry. Victor Hardwood, the founder of Digital Hollywood. affirms this is just the beginning of digital content. Consequently, companies like Amazon and Netflix are making traditional TV a thing of the past. It’s becoming more common to offer content for smartphones and tablets, where influencers have a strong role and as much fame as a Hollywood star. As a result, we are witnessing a new digital era where content on-the-go is the first choice.