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Hope Cries Out In Mexico

Courtesy of our FYI News production team, we introduce you to the brave survivors of the earthquake in Mexico, who have shared their stories and experiences after this tragedy. The catastrophe in Mexico continues to be felt in …


A New Tablet for the Blind

From our FYI News production team, comes an illustration of technological advances that have been implemented into society to help the handicapped.  Through the power of technology, Háptica, a tablet-like device, assists people who suffer from blindness in …


Soccer Is Not Just For Men

Courtesy of our FYI News production team, comes a demonstration of resistance to gender stereotypes in sports such as soccer. MX Women’s League is a team that advocates for gender equality. Soccer is not just for men and …


New York’s Big Bend

From our FYI news production team, we present to you New York’s Big Bend, a long and modernized skyscraper in the making. New York’s Big Bend is an intricate and innovative structure being built by Oiio Architectural Studio. …


What is Hidden in the Statue of Liberty?

From our FYI News production team, comes a celebration of the Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty celebrated 130 years as a patriotic symbol for the United States. It stands out as a historic place and a must-see …


The Evolution of Big Data

In two years, we were able to generate more big data information on the Internet than in the whole history of humanity. All that circulates on the web will be the “gold mines” of this era and the …

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