In an attempt to stop delivery theft, Amazon has created the Amazon Key. Our FYI News team shows you the controversial new method that lets delivery drivers into your home.

How much do you trust Amazon? Enough to let them into your home?

Well maybe you will have to if you want to enjoy Amazon Key, the new and risky service that delivers packages inside your home without you being there. It works with a security camera and a smart lock that you can program from a distance, for couriers and other visitors to access. According to the company, this method seeks to stop the frequent theft of packages in the U.S. Besides, it’s only available for Prime users. This new feature will be available to 37 cities in the U.S. starting November at a cost of $250 to users. Jeff Bezos’ company wants you to be comfortable and safe at the same time. Although, they don’t know how your pets will react.